“I Don’t Have to Like You.” – 5 Reasons Why User Un-Like Brands On Facebook


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Luke Brynley-Jones, founder of Our Social Times, dissects the infographic below and helps brands keep from losing users. Top 5 Reasons Fans Un-Like a Page (and what to do about it) 1. Too frequent posts. No one wants to receive an onslaught on updates … Continue reading

Social Media…Making TV Relevant Again

I agree but, TV was never irrelevant to me to begin with.

For me, social media has enhanced my viewing pleasure for the better 10 fold. Before I was watching a TV show, by myself or with family and/or friends, and I was told that millions of viewers were watching the same thing. I knew what I thought of the show. I also knew what my co-workers thought during the gossip hour around the water cooler at work the next day. Yet, I never got to see or hear what the millions of viewers thought about the TV show. When you think about it, you are only getting a handful of opinions and comments. Could you imagine if you found out what everyone thought of that show? And how cool would it be if you got to see it in real time?

Boom. Social Media delivers.

Conventional wisdom suggests that we watch the Academy Awards or the Grammys because of our interest in film, music and whatever mind-boggingly expensive fashions celebrities happen to be wearing.

But as social media becomes increasingly intertwined with our television viewing experience, Americans also may be tuning in to such live events to make sure they don’t miss the latest Internet meme.

“Having technology like Twitter and Facebook, and smart phones in our pockets and hands all the time, is causing these conversations and trends to become something basically in real time,” says Tom Thai, the vice-president of marketing for Bluefin Labs, a Massachusetts-based firm that analyzes social media conversation about TV. “If you’re not participating in this stuff live, there will be people who feel like they’re missing out.”

Social TV makes for fun TV viewing. But, you can’t be late to the party. It’s almost like if you miss something you’re…so 27 seconds ago.

“What we’ve been seeing over the past 12 to 14 months is huge growth in this behavior that we call social TV,” Thai adds. Underlining that point, Bluefin’s research on 2012 Oscar-related social media commentary — i.e. the amount of “OMG, did you see Jennifer Lopez’s dress?” type of chatter on Twitter — demonstrated a 293% increase year-over-year. And that came during a year that, with Billy Crystal as host and a silent film as the Academy Awards’ front-runner, was supposed to be for the fuddy duddies.

Source – Washington Post

I want to know what you all do while watching TV. Do you tweet and watch? Do you do it for every show or just the big ticket items, like the Grammys or Oscars?

It’s okay if you do it for everything. I do. People still like me. This is a no judgement zone.

Statistics of Top 5 Social Media Sites


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I don’t know about you but, I’m definitely surprised. Not by the forerunners like Twitter and Facebook. More surprised about Google+ and its stamina to keep up with the big social media dogs by ranking #1 according to Alexa. I’m … Continue reading

New Social Media Website Alert – The Fancy

Trying out a new social media website is like wearing a new pair of shoes.

Exciting, yet slightly uncomfortable.

But, after a few go at its it becomes familiar and soon after it becomes your favorite.

This is how I feel about the new social media website, The Fancy.

Move over Pinterest, there’s a new social media platform on the rise, and this one is focusing on an entirely different angle: money.

New-York based The Fancy is launching their social commerce platform Thursday, according to CNN Money. Using a similar outline and display to online pin-board phenomenon Pinterest, The Fancy allows users to showcase more of what you want — travel destinations, food and material objects — rather than what’s inspiring or creative. And because the products are “Fancy’d” based on desire, the boards definitely showcase more of a high-tech and, well, fancy scale.

Source – Stylist.com

Sounds interesting enough, right?

So the idea, which has been described as “Groupon in reverse,” allows merchants to be more proactive in gaining customer interest and sales.

How does it work? I’m glad you asked…

When users have “Fancy’d” something, retailers and brands can then provide custom deals and sales directly to the user, and potentially make more sales.

Cool, huh?

Interesting in learning more about The Fancy, you can read the rest of the article here.

Facebook Timeline for Brands – 5 Ways to Prepare

Facebook has officially announced Timeline for brand pages.

The pages will be pushed live to everyone on March 30, but for now, you have some time to preview the new look and review your page before the changes take effect.

Here are some ways that businesses can prepare for Timeline without throwing away everything we’ve come to learn and love about brand pages thus far.

1. Re-Visit, Re-Vamp or Create Your Social Media Plan

If you have a social media plan that’s working for you, stick to it. If your plan could use some adjustments, now would be a good time to see what has been working and what hasn’t and how Timeline can assist with some improvements.

2. Start Preparing Your Timeline Image

One of the most exciting features of timeline is the large image featured at the top of the page. Facebook has given a lot of real estate to that image, and businesses should use it as an opportunity to feature something powerful and captivating.

3. Go Through Your Company’s History

With Timeline, businesses owners will be able to reference company events that preceded Facebook itself. Go through your company’s history and mark milestones, such as the date you were founded, your first customers, when you moved to a new location, when you added new services, or increased staff.

4. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Now is a good time to moderate your Facebook page and evaluate the people you have involved. Look at your admins — are they all necessary? Update your information, add videos and photos and make sure your location data is up to date. One of the features of timeline is a map, so you’ll want to make sure that people can find you.

5. Relax, Everything Will Be Okay

Facebook doesn’t typically force its users to make a huge change overnight. Like we saw with the switch from personal profiles to Timelines, we have a grace period that, in this case, lasts until March 30. Businesses will have time to think about the changes, adjust their pages and prepare before making the switch.

Source – Mashable

Hope this was helpful! It was for me.


A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

Pinterest, is the digital pin board that’s turned the social media world upside down. It’s been a top traffic driver for brands lately and people are starting to notice. So thanks to MDGadvertising, you have this awesome infographic explaining the nooks and crannies of the social network.

This is so cool I had to share it.

This infographic explains some Pinterest basics, such as explaining what a Pin, Repin and Board are, and provides five tips. You should first decide whether Pinterest is a fit for your product. Selling life insurance? This might not be a helpful platform for you. If you think Pinterest is right for your brand, go ahead and add a “Pin It” button to your site. Make sure to use great visuals. Pin products you love but don’t sell — this site isn’t all about self-promotion. Add some early Pinterest all-stars and learn from their strategies.

Source – Mashable