Facebook Responds to Employers Who Ask for Login Info

We don’t think employers should be asking prospective employees to provide their passwords because we don’t think it’s right the thing to do. While we do not have any immediate plans to take legal action against any specific employers, we look forward to

Last week, the internet was up in arms about how some employers are asking for prospecting employees to give up their Facebook login information.


Yes, they went there. The gall, right?

I was extremely excited that majority of people were against this. It’s completely uncalled for but…yes, there is a but. I do think it was coming from a good place. Poorly executed but, explainable. The employers are thinking…”You don’t have anything to hide, right?” and if you don’t it shouldn’t be a problem for you to give up your login information.

So. Wrong.

It’s a known fact that employers already look into your social media presence when you apply for a job. That’s fine. I’m okay with that. This is why we clean up and/or hike up the privacy level on your profile page. What’s not okay is asking for my login to to dive even deeper. Privacy is important.

I guess employers got hip to the all of us and just jumped the gun on this one.


“I Don’t Have to Like You.” – 5 Reasons Why User Un-Like Brands On Facebook


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Luke Brynley-Jones, founder of Our Social Times, dissects the infographic below and helps brands keep from losing users. Top 5 Reasons Fans Un-Like a Page (and what to do about it) 1. Too frequent posts. No one wants to receive an onslaught on updates … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline for Brands – 5 Ways to Prepare

Facebook has officially announced Timeline for brand pages.

The pages will be pushed live to everyone on March 30, but for now, you have some time to preview the new look and review your page before the changes take effect.

Here are some ways that businesses can prepare for Timeline without throwing away everything we’ve come to learn and love about brand pages thus far.

1. Re-Visit, Re-Vamp or Create Your Social Media Plan

If you have a social media plan that’s working for you, stick to it. If your plan could use some adjustments, now would be a good time to see what has been working and what hasn’t and how Timeline can assist with some improvements.

2. Start Preparing Your Timeline Image

One of the most exciting features of timeline is the large image featured at the top of the page. Facebook has given a lot of real estate to that image, and businesses should use it as an opportunity to feature something powerful and captivating.

3. Go Through Your Company’s History

With Timeline, businesses owners will be able to reference company events that preceded Facebook itself. Go through your company’s history and mark milestones, such as the date you were founded, your first customers, when you moved to a new location, when you added new services, or increased staff.

4. Do Some Spring Cleaning

Now is a good time to moderate your Facebook page and evaluate the people you have involved. Look at your admins — are they all necessary? Update your information, add videos and photos and make sure your location data is up to date. One of the features of timeline is a map, so you’ll want to make sure that people can find you.

5. Relax, Everything Will Be Okay

Facebook doesn’t typically force its users to make a huge change overnight. Like we saw with the switch from personal profiles to Timelines, we have a grace period that, in this case, lasts until March 30. Businesses will have time to think about the changes, adjust their pages and prepare before making the switch.

Source – Mashable

Hope this was helpful! It was for me.


What is Facebook Doing With Their User Data??

Just when you think posting to Facebook was harmless…

It’s no secret that Facebook shares the information to post onto their website. We all know the hoops we go through just to set the privacy rating on our pages. But, somehow information is still obtained. Are we okay with that? I guess we are. I don’t see people boycotting Facebook and deleting their profile. In fact, Facebook users is at a steady incline. So, the real question here is, what is Facebook doing with their user data??

SAN FRANCISCO — It is Facebook’s biggest conundrum. As the world’s largest social network, it faces intense scrutiny from consumers, courts and regulators worldwide over how it handles the data it collects from its 845 million users. But as a company preparing to go public, it is under pressure to find new ways to turn that data into profit.

The scrutiny is at its most intense in Europe. Regulators in Ireland, where Facebook has its European headquarters, have already demanded that it give users greater control over their information. A proposed Europe-wide law goes much further by requiring Facebook, along with every other online business, to expunge every bit of personal data at a consumer’s request.

In the United States, Facebook faces government audits for the next 20 years about how it collects and shares data, along with an assortment of lawsuits that accuse the company of tracking users across the Web. Even the White House stepped into the fray last week, demanding that Web companies give users more say in how their personal data is used.

Source – nytimes.com

Great article. If you have time to read the whole thing. Click here.

Using Facebook to Book Your Stay at Best Western


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It’s official Facebook is taking over the world  Ok, maybe not the world, but definitely the hospitality industry. Best Western International Hotels is the latest hotel chain to let travelers book their stay on Facebook. It’s a plus that travelers … Continue reading

Twitter Fans Back J.K. Rowlings New Book Venture

After the abundant success of her last book, you know snooze fest about young wizards ;), J.K. Rowling took a much needed break from writing. Now, she is back on the scene with a new book venture.

She will now focus on writing books for adults.

A lot of critics were on the fence regarding Rowling’s new reach for an adult audience. I have to admit I was on the fence too. Some writers can’t transition and/or write for both audiences.

The best-selling author has announced that she will be returning to writing, and the content this time will be geared toward adults. Rowling will be working with a new publisher — Little, Brown and Company — for her latest book. No details about the name, storyline and release date are known at this time.

“Although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much, my next book will be very different to the Harry Potter series, which has been published so brilliantly by Bloomsbury and my other publishers around the world,” Rowling said in a statement.

“The freedom to explore new territory is a gift that Harry’s success has brought me, and with that new territory it seemed a logical progression to have a new publisher. I am delighted to have a second publishing home in Little, Brown, and a publishing team that will be a great partner in this new phase of my writing life.”

Source – Mashable.com

Nonetheless, Rowling’s fans were all for it and took to Twitter and Facebook to express it.

Even the fictional characters from Rowling’s previous books such as Professor Snape and Voldemort sent out tweets with their reactions.


Check out what they had to say…here