Twitter v.s. Mexico Cartel Violence

Who would have thought Twitter be involved in this kind of industry?!?

Well it seems like Chuy has taken to Twitter to act as a tipster to cartel activity in his town for the past two years.

(CNN) — It wasn’t the sight of tortured bodies that scared “Chuy.” It was what was written on the sign that was left next to them.

“This will happen to all the Internet snitches.” It was signed by Los Zetas.

The banner was placed next to the two victims, a woman and man, both in their 20s, both gruesomely killed. The woman was disemboweled, left with her intestines protruding from her belly. They were found in September 2011, hanging from a bridge in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, robbed of any future dignity.

About three hours away in Reynosa, Chuy’s stomach grumbled when he saw the banner on the Internet. “Those people hanging from the bridge could have been me,” he thought.

Source – CNN

Internet snitches get stitches now?! No mode of communication is safe now and days.

Local and state authorities tried to downplay news about the cartels operating in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, Chuy was one of the first people on social media to tip the world about what was really happening.

Fascinating what social media can used for.


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