“I Don’t Have to Like You.” – 5 Reasons Why User Un-Like Brands On Facebook

Luke Brynley-Jones, founder of Our Social Times, dissects the infographic below and helps brands keep from losing users.

Top 5 Reasons Fans Un-Like a Page (and what to do about it)

1. Too frequent posts. No one wants to receive an onslaught on updates in their news feeds.Try spacing out your updates over the course of the day. Think breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out a tool like MarketMeSuite to send updates on a predetermined schedule.

2. The wall became too crowded with marketing posts. It gets old really fast when updates are purely marketing related. Follow the 80/20 rule for the right mix of helpful, entertaining, or fun posts (80%) versus promotional or marketing related (20%).

3. The content became repetitive or boring. Don’t feel like you need do it all alone. Look for relevant content you can share from other sources. Look for new ways to share the stories you tell. Can you relate them to current events?

4. I only Liked to get a one-time offer. This one is tricky and sometimes can’t be avoided. But if you have a plan in place to create more relevant and engaging content, then you may win over some fans who didn’t plan to stick around.

5. They didn’t offer enough deals. Think in terms of what you can offer throughout the year. It doesn’t always have to be a coupon either. Offer a special report, guide, or exclusive video. The key is to keep fans engaged with something special on a regular basis.

Source – Constant Contact Blog 



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