New Social Media Website Alert – The Fancy

Trying out a new social media website is like wearing a new pair of shoes.

Exciting, yet slightly uncomfortable.

But, after a few go at its it becomes familiar and soon after it becomes your favorite.

This is how I feel about the new social media website, The Fancy.

Move over Pinterest, there’s a new social media platform on the rise, and this one is focusing on an entirely different angle: money.

New-York based The Fancy is launching their social commerce platform Thursday, according to CNN Money. Using a similar outline and display to online pin-board phenomenon Pinterest, The Fancy allows users to showcase more of what you want — travel destinations, food and material objects — rather than what’s inspiring or creative. And because the products are “Fancy’d” based on desire, the boards definitely showcase more of a high-tech and, well, fancy scale.

Source –

Sounds interesting enough, right?

So the idea, which has been described as “Groupon in reverse,” allows merchants to be more proactive in gaining customer interest and sales.

How does it work? I’m glad you asked…

When users have “Fancy’d” something, retailers and brands can then provide custom deals and sales directly to the user, and potentially make more sales.

Cool, huh?

Interesting in learning more about The Fancy, you can read the rest of the article here.


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