What is Facebook Doing With Their User Data??

Just when you think posting to Facebook was harmless…

It’s no secret that Facebook shares the information to post onto their website. We all know the hoops we go through just to set the privacy rating on our pages. But, somehow information is still obtained. Are we okay with that? I guess we are. I don’t see people boycotting Facebook and deleting their profile. In fact, Facebook users is at a steady incline. So, the real question here is, what is Facebook doing with their user data??

SAN FRANCISCO — It is Facebook’s biggest conundrum. As the world’s largest social network, it faces intense scrutiny from consumers, courts and regulators worldwide over how it handles the data it collects from its 845 million users. But as a company preparing to go public, it is under pressure to find new ways to turn that data into profit.

The scrutiny is at its most intense in Europe. Regulators in Ireland, where Facebook has its European headquarters, have already demanded that it give users greater control over their information. A proposed Europe-wide law goes much further by requiring Facebook, along with every other online business, to expunge every bit of personal data at a consumer’s request.

In the United States, Facebook faces government audits for the next 20 years about how it collects and shares data, along with an assortment of lawsuits that accuse the company of tracking users across the Web. Even the White House stepped into the fray last week, demanding that Web companies give users more say in how their personal data is used.

Source – nytimes.com

Great article. If you have time to read the whole thing. Click here.


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